Bachelor and master degree courses require innovations in consultation and in support of potential students searching for the best field of study. An increasing number of universities strive to optimize the match between students' abilities and preferences and the demands of particular fields of study. This undertaking is handled by using a web-based tool known as the Online Self-Assessment (OSA). Interested and potential students will receive an automated online OSA response after they have entered data into the provided request and task forms sheet. Consequently, this helps the student to make wise and efficient decisions for their future field of study. These OSA tests are quite economic and reach out to a multitude of students worldwide. Last but not least, they also serve as a student recruitment tool in the context of a competitive university environment. Within the frame work of the Centre for Evaluation and Methods (CEM) workshop in 2008, called Self-Assessment decisions for field of study choices at universities, leading developers and successful users were able to exchange and discuss their ideas and experiences on this current topic. The conference proceedings provide a current overview of the different approaches and applications for self-assessment tests used in universities in German-speaking countries. German text.

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